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ZedaSoft, Inc. has been invited to participate in Bold Quest 2014, along with members from coalition forces, the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines at White Sands Missile Range and Holloman Air Force Base for the Bold Quest 14.2 Live/Virtual Environment to be conducted May 2014.

Bold Quest is a “multi-national capabilities integration assessment event”, sponsored by the Joint Staff with participation from the U.S. military and coalition partners.

Bold Quest 14.2 will provide an integrated live/virtual environment to demonstrate and assess capabilities to improve joint fires team performance. The focus is on demonstrating and assessing a distributed mission rehearsal environment for end-to-end joint fires in a Company-level, coalition context. With multiple distributed simulators, they will explore live/virtual interoperability for joint fires thread during Joint Training Exercise phase of event, and begin to establish persistent architecture for live/virtual systems.

ZedaSoft will provide its Role-Player software, installed on its Reconfigurable Desktop System (RDS) simulator. The Role-Player will portray the F-16 aircraft in a close-air-support role working with the Air National Guard Advanced Joint Terminal Attack Controller Training System (AAJTS) to train Joint Tactical Air Controllers (JTAC).