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IITSEC 2011 - Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL
November 28 - December 1, 2011
ZedaSoft Booth #1973


Come visit ZedaSoft's booth 1973 to see firsthand how we can help you with your Portable Reconfigurable Simulation needs. We will display our Portable Reconfigurable Cockpit & Dome System, provided by ZedaSoft, Immersive Display Solutions and partners. ZedaSoft will also debut our New Reconfigurable Desktop System (RDS).

This is the 2011 booth layout, click the picture for a larger view

The Training, Simulation and Modeling Industry has a very important job to do in providing the very best of Training Equipment and Simulation Technologies for our forces in the field as well as here at home. I/ITSEC strives to meet these very important and ever changing needs.

The attendees that are present at I/ITSEC understand that training is a core process in a successful and modern business. In these successful organizations, training is continuous, pervasive, and institutionalized. These organizations come to I/ITSEC to find the resources that they will need to adapt to the new tasks and threats of tomorrow.

Some of the most innovative companies in the MS&T Industry are present each year at I/ITSEC. Previous exhibit displays have included: Computer-Based 3D graphics, Flight Simulators, Convoy Trainers, SCORM, Information Technology, Advanced Distributed Learning, Aerospace, Communications, Public Safety and many more. http://www.iitsec.org

Click the picture for a full view of the floor plan for 2011.