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Thanks for coming by our booth!

IITSEC 2011 - Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL
November 28 - December 1, 2011
ZedaSoft Booth #1973


ZedaSoft® would like to thank you for taking the time to stop by our booth at I/ITSEC 2011, whether physically or in spirit. ZedaSoft can help you with your avionics laboratory, business development, and simulation and visualization training needs. Please contact us at info@zedasoft.com so we can assist you with the solutions you need.

Full view of ZedaSoft's booth at the 2011 I/ITSEC

ZedaSoft's President and CEO on with NTSAToday

You may recall some of the following products featured in our booth this year:

Reconfigurable Cockpit System (RCS) With Dome Visual

ZedaSoft has designed a reconfigurable cockpit system, with modular components that allows you to be anything you want to be. The system can transform into fighters, helicopters, airlift/tankers, transporters, vehicles to even ships. This RCS system is cost effective allowing you to grow the configuration and fidelity as your needs grow.

Benefits include:
  • Cost effective
  • Modular components
  • Portable
  • COTS products
  • Ideal Role-player solution

Fixed wing single seat configuration reconfigurable cockpit system with the F-16 platform entity and a dome display

CBA® for Simulation Software

Our patented Container-based Architecture design for simulation software (CBA®) provides a modular objected-oriented Java framework for developing simulation systems. This design discards historical “cockpit/ownship-centric” design philosophies in favor of a design where all participants in the simulation, including the ownship are peers, thus blurring the lines between constructive and virtual simulation entities. The CBA simulation software is extensible by ZedaSoft's customers and is used by most to integrate diverse simulation models under a single simulation executive.

Benefits include:
  • Ability to remotely connect to and interact with any simulation participant
  • Multiple simultaneous remote connections provides a network display repeater capability
  • Ability for any participant to act as the ownship
  • Ability for switching out participants of varying fidelities

The majority of CBA simulation software was implemented using the Java programming language and SDK. This platform offers superior support for network centric object-oriented designs through platform independence and improved run-time stability.

Key benefits provided by Java include:
  • Multi-platform support – Linux and Windows currently
  • Improved code correctness
  • Ability to locally or remotely download and execute pure Java simulation participants

Reconfigurable Desktop Solution (RDS)

Two of ZedaSoft's RDS systems, the left RDS is running the F-22 platform entity with 30" displays and the right with the F-16 platform entity and 24" displays.


ZedaSoft's ZView being displayed, the Map view and control system on the bottom display with the visual scene on the top .