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ZedaSoft will introduce its new Mockingbird™ RPA/UAS Reconfigurable Software on its new portable mission console at I/ITSEC 2015, Nov 30 - Dec 3, 2015

ZedaSoft Booth #2435

ZedaSoft will exhibit its Reconfigurable Desktop/Cockpit Systems and CBA® for Simulation Software, which together provide our customers software leverage throughout their entire project life-cycle. ZedaSoft offers reconfiguration simulation solutions ranging from mission consoles and reconfigurable desktops to cockpits with portable domes. All demonstrations will include Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG™) software and databases from MetaVR, Inc. (booth #1249).

Our newest product, the reconfigurable Mockingbird® RPA/UAS mission console and associated software, will be demonstrated as Shadow and Triton class RPAs as part of the I/ITSEC Operation Blended Warrior special event. The Mockingbird® system will also be demonstrated in the MetaVR booth (#1249) providing UAS over-watch for the JTAC demonstration.

ZedaSoft will also be demonstrating Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) and MiLToC® transfer-of-control technologies with our booth partner PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc.

ZedaSoft's Reconfigureable Cockpit System (RCS) demonstrating the Scorpion™ concept demonstrator simulator using CBA® for Simulation software.


ZedaSoft's Reconfigurable Desktop System (RDS), a role-player station, using CBA® for simulation software.