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For Immediate Release
November 24, 2009 

ZedaSoft® Awarded Contract for upgrade of OH58D Simulation Software

(Fort Worth, Texas – November 24, 2009) ZedaSoft, Inc. has been awarded a subcontract from SAIC to upgrade the Air Maneuver Battle Lab’s (AMBL) OH-58D simulator software. The first utilization of the upgraded simulator is to be the Armed Aerial Scout (AAS) Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) study. ZedaSoft, a subcontractor to SAIC®, is also in charge of the integration of the OH-58D software into the two existing AMBL OH-58D cockpits using the United Electronics Industries (UEI) IO systems and the ASTiTM simulated radio system.

This development takes advantage of ZedaSoft’s patented CBA® for simulation software for rapid development capabilities to deliver the first studies’ simulation baseline in a demanding three month schedule. CBA also enables AMBL to drive their existing CATI X-IG visual system for out-the-window and sensor views.

The OH-58D tactical mission simulation will include:

  • Next-generation nose-mounted sight with DTV, LLTV, and FLIR sensors and multi-target tracking capabilities
  • Rocket, 50 caliber machine gun and HELLFIRE missile fly-out simulations
  • Pilot and Copilot/Gunner displays
  • UHF, VHF & FM communications using network radio simulation
  • Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) capabilities and improved Data Modem (IDM) datalink via DIS

About ZedaSoft

ZedaSoft® develops innovative products for the simulation and visualization industry. Its customers include Lockheed Martin, Boeing, the Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Air Force and other defense, government and commercial organizations. The main goal at ZedaSoft is to strike the balance between realistic simulation and cost-effective deployed solutions utilizing modern simulation architecture.

For additional information contact:

ZedaSoft, Inc.
Deborah Hall
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