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For Immediate Release
November 26, 2018 

ZedaSoft® (Booth 1573) demonstrates EyeBox, an Augmented Reality (AR) visual system solution

(Fort Worth, Texas – November 26, 2018) ZedaSoft, Inc., a simulation and visualization software company announces the demonstration of its EyeBox augmented reality visual scene solution.
This solution provides:

  • A more natural interaction with cockpit instrumentation
  • 1/10th the cost of a spherical dome projection system
  • Less overall simulator footprint while providing 360 degree FOV
  • AR headset with near double the resolution of current gaming headsets
  • Allows students to get acclimated to HMD technology sooner in the curriculum

The EyeBox solution consists of an SA-Photonics SA-92 helmet-mounted display with see-through 1920x1200 resolution per eye optics, a Polhemus Liberty head-tracking system, and a channel of the MetaVR Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) integrated with ZedaSoft’s CBA® for Simulation framework.

About ZedaSoft

ZedaSoft develops innovative products for the simulation and visualization industry. Its customers include Lockheed Martin, BAE, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force and other defense, Government and commercial organizations. The main goal at ZedaSoft is to strike the balance between realistic simulation and cost- effective deployed solutions utilizing modern simulation architecture.

For additional information contact:

ZedaSoft, Inc.
Fred Fleury
817-616-1000 x229