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For Immediate Release
September 26, 2013 

Textron AirLand’s Scorpion™ Concept Demonstration Simulator debuts at NGAUS Conference

(Fort Worth, Texas – September 26, 2013) ZedaSoft® announces the debut of Textron AirLand’s Scorpion™ Concept Demonstration simulator at the National Guard Association of the United States Conference Sept 20-23, 2013 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

ZedaSoft developed this simulator to assist Textron AirLand in demonstrating capabilities of the Scorpion aircraft. The simulator demonstrates key ISR/Strike mission concepts for the aircraft mission systems, weapons and sensors. The Scorpion Flight Handling Qualities and Engineering Flight Test support simulator was also developed by ZedaSoft as a part of the overall program. ZedaSoft’s CBA® for Simulation framework is built on an open architecture design and in addition to this concept demonstrator it supports mission systems design, SIL testing, handling qualities and training systems from one set of source code.

ZedaSoft integrated the simulators with MetaVR’s Virtual Reality Scene Generator software to provide the outthe-window visual scene and sensor views to simulate the L-3 WESCAM MX-15 and FLIR Systems EO/IR sensor payloads. MetaVR also developed the aircraft model and delivered it with 50cm satellite imagery for the CONUS, Hawaii and Afghanistan visual scene databases.

The Textron Airland Scorpion is built with Vision, Versatility and Value, as its core principles and will provide today’s warfighters the persistence they need to guard our country’s interests. As a part of the versatility, open architecture strategies were used in the development of the aircraft’s software as well as the simulator to ease the cost of integrating new mission equipment, as well as lowering the cost of training its crew members.

The simulator was developed from the beginning to be highly portable and rugged for a long life on the road to showcase the Scorpion at conferences and exhibits. “The modular design and portability of the Scorpion simulator made setup for this maiden voyage easy in Hawaii”, says Jamie Cox, Director of Business Development for Textron AirLand. “We intend to make full use of all of its capabilities in demonstrating our concepts to our customers.”

About ZedaSoft

ZedaSoft develops innovative products for the simulation and visualization industry. Its customers include Textron AirLand, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration, and other defense, Government and commercial organizations. ZedaSoft’s main goal is to strike the proper balance between realistic simulation and cost-effective deployed solutions utilizing modern simulation architecture. For additional information contact:

ZedaSoft, Inc.
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