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For Immediate Release
July 7, 2015 

ZedaSoft® Delivers its First Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Mission Systems Console Simulator (Mockingbird™) to USAF Test Pilot School

(Fort Worth, Texas – July 7, 2015 ) ZedaSoft, Inc., a simulation and visualization software company, has delivered its first RPA Mission Systems Console – Mockingbird™ to the USAF Test Pilot School (TPS) located at Edwards AFB

The console system takes advantage of ZedaSoft's patented CBA® for Simulation software, which provides rapid development capabilities, and a stable, modular simulation platform to assist in future training milestones.

ZedaSoft's Mockingbird™ Mission Systems Console Simulator consists of a simulated ground control operator's station, and reconfigurable simulated RPA platforms. The operator's station provides generic RPA piloting and sensor operation interfaces. The RPA simulation supports a wide variety of RPA types, from hand-launched to full-scale autonomous systems.

The simulated RPA platforms can be configured with any combination of payload elements, including 1080p EO/IR sensors, and simulator Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imaging. The USAF Test Pilot School has been using MetaVR's VRSG product for seven years for their ZedaSoft provided Avionics Familiarization Simulator. An additional MetaVR channel was purchased to provide the EO sensor and SAR simulated imagery for this simulator.

The ground control station allows for both manual pilot control, and autonomous flight, enabling a wide range of mission profiles and sensor operator training scenarios. It also includes easy-to-use scenario-building features, which allow users to quickly design and implement training situations, and sensor data collection profiles.

Mockingbird™ enhances RPA operator training, and provides an inexpensive alternative to securing real-world flyable assets on short notice.

About ZedaSoft

ZedaSoft develops innovative products for the simulation and visualization industry. Its customers include Lockheed Martin, Boeing, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration, other defense, Government and commercial organizations. ZedaSoft's main goal is to strike the balance between realistic simulation and cost-effective deployed solutions utilizing modern simulation architecture.

For additional information contact:

ZedaSoft, Inc.
Deborah Hall
817-616-1000 x224

The USAF does not formally endorse ZedaSoft