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AH-64 Apache

The Block II Lot 10 AH-64D simulator system was built originally for the U.S. Army Air Maneuver Battle Lab in Fort Rucker, Alabama. The simulator was developed using ZedaSoft's CBA® for Simulation framework, and includes the following capabilities:

  • General execution framework for entity and virtual world model and GUI components
  • Support for Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocol versions 4 and 6
  • Generation of constructive threat and friendly entities
  • Mission Overview and Instructor/Experimenter Operation Station (I/EOS), which provides:
    • A Common Operational Picture (COP)
    • Color maps of the battle space
    • Entity insertions (MANPAD, SAM, threat aircraft)
    • Virtual cockpit repeater views

The AH-64D simulator includes the tactical mission equipment package software needed to simulate the unclassified public release features of this platform, including:

  • NVG and IR visual scene channels for PNVS and TADS sensor simulation
  • Plug-in overlays to properly portray symbology generated by the sensor system
  • An optional integrated Bihrle Applied Research high-fidelity AH-64 flight model (requires Bihrle Dsix software licenses)
  • Correlated radar simulation to support the Longbow radar and weapons integration
  • Support for tactical simulation of the M230 30mm chain gun, Hydra 70 2.75" rockets and Hellfire missiles

AH-64D pilot's virtual cockpit. The left MPD contains a MetaVRTM sensor video and the right MPD is a TSD page with map underlay powered by ZedaSoft's Map Server

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