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Experimenter Operator Station

The Experimenter Operator Station (EOS) for CBA® is an extensible graphical user interface (GUI) that provides tools for CBA scenario creation, monitoring, and administration. The core interface provides tools for most commonly-used scenario administration functions, but it also provides an extension framework whereby user-authored plug-ins can be added to the core interface to extend its capabilities.

The EOS interface provides the following capabillities:

  • Mission Overview (moving-map) display with customizable maps and charts, and interactive entity iconography. Displays the scenario situation with icons for all entities (native and foreign) and allows some configuration of native entities (e.g. drag-and-drop positioning)
  • Scenario building (native entity generation, placement, etc)
  • Route and behavior definition for native entities
  • Definition of event-based behaviors (e.g. system failures based on scenario situation)
  • Weather/environment setup
  • Scenario recording and playback
  • Interfaces to the Data Monitoring and Collection (DMC) plug-in
  • Customizable layout via human-readable XML configuration files