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F-16 Fighting Falcon

The F-16C simulator is based on a Block 50 avionics baseline. It supports displays and models required for tactical engagements, including symbology for navigation, air-to-air, and air-to-ground modes. The simulator was developed using ZedaSoft's CBA® for Simulation framework, and includes the following capabilities:

  • Color Multi-Function Displays (MFDs) and bezels, functional via touch-screen
  • Integrated Control Panel (ICP), functional via touch-screen
  • Data Entry Display (DED)
  • Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) and display
  • Head-Up Display
  • Virtual instrument gauges
  • Virtual switches, functional via touch-screen
  • Fire Control functions
  • Stores Management functions
  • Fire Control Radar (FCR) functions for air-to-air and air-to-ground modes
  • LANTIRN Targeting Pod (TGP) functions for air-to-air and air-to-ground modes
  • Air-to-air missiles and cannon
  • Air-to-ground weapons
  • Autopilot controls, functional via touch-screen

Faults, failures, warnings and cautions, and BIT modes are not modeled.

Any function stimulated by virtual switches can also be stimulated by hardware. Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar or MSITM F-16 grips are typical choices for HOTAS. Other switch hardware can be integrated through CBA's plug-in extensible device I/O application.

F-16 Virtual Cockpit

The following Hands on Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) functions are mapped:

Thottle Functions
  • Full throttle range, including MIL-power detent and switchover to afterburner
  • Dogfight / MSL override switch
  • Cursor control and Z
  • Manual Range / Uncage
  • Antenna Elevation
  • Speed Brake
  • Comm switch to activate a voice communications interface such as PLEXSYS PLEXComm®
Stick Functions
  • 2-axis flight control
  • Weapon Release
  • Trigger (Gun)
  • Display Management Switch
  • Target Management Switch
  • Trim switch
  • Missile Step/NWS/Aerial Refueling Disconnect switch
  • Pinky switch
  • CMS switch
  • Autopilot disengage (paddle) switch

The aero and propulsion systems use a basic 6-DOF model which is representative of this class of aircraft. Higher fidelity motion models can be integrated if the customer requires it. This usually requires that a separate license be purchased for the flight model software. Bihrle Applied Research's high-fidelity F-16 flight model is one example of a compatible third-party flight model.

The image below shows a section of the F-16 virtual cockpit in the AG master mode. FCR GM DBS2 is shown on the left MFD, and TGP in AG point track is shown on the right MFD. The virtual cockpit uses a touch-screen as an interface.

Screen shot of F-16C displays in AG mode running in CBA (Radar Ground Map video and IR sensor video requires a visual scene channel. This example is using VRSGTM from MetaVRTM).