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F-18 Super Hornet

The F-18E simulator is based on the F-18E pilot manual, and only the displays required for tactical engagement are modeled at this time, including:
  • Symbology for navigation and air-to-air modes
  • Radar displays
  • Required functions of the Up Front Control Display (UFCD)
  • Multi-Purpose Displays (MPDs)
  • Engine Fuel Display (EFD)
  • Instrument gauges critical to flight

The aero and propulsion systems use a basic 6 DOF model which is representative of this class of aircraft. This F-18E cockpit is modeled specifically to demonstrate acquisition, track and launch against air targets.

ZedaSoft's virtual cockpit of the F-18E

Another view of ZedaSoft's virtual cockpit of the F-18E with the Fuel page on the RMFD and 3D ADI on the CMFD.