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DemoStation Kiosk (DSK)

ZedaSoft offers a DemoStation Kiosk (DSK) that is the perfect solution to your portable networked simulator needs.

Powered by ZedaSoft’s Container-Based Architecture (CBA®) for Simulation, the DSK can be deployed and used in just about any location or venue.

The DSK uses COTS computers, displays and controls to provide a cost-effective solution to your simulator requirements. The DSK uses CBA as a common platform for all types of simulation.

ZedaSoft has a number of CBA plug-ins that are available separately, including helicopters, fighter aircraft (both friendly and hostile types), ground entities such as tanks, trucks and troops, sea-based entities such as ships and subs, and a large number of individual weapon systems such as missiles, bombs, bullet/guns, SAMs, etc.

Network-Ready, User Friendly, Portable and Easy to Set Up

The system includes:

  • Three off-the-shelf computers (one spare)
  • High-resolution 24" LCDs for the visual scene channel
  • 24" touch-screen LCD for instruments
  • KVM switch with mouse and keyboard
  • Bose sound system
  • UPS backup power
  • ATA ready shipping case
  • Spares of critical equipment
  • Easy to set up by one person in 10 minutes
  • Requires normal power available anywhere
  • User friendly design for easy storage