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The MANned Portable Air Defense (MANPAD) simulation was developed to add variability needed to stress pilots and assess cockpit workload. The MANPAD simulation can be configured to simulate various systems currently in use, including SA-7, SA-14 and Stinger shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles. This simulation provides a simple interface to an operator to engage the virtual aircraft flying within the CBA® for Simulation framework and fire upon that virtual aircraft when in range.

All attributes of this system were derived from public information acquired from well known military defense web sites such as www.globalsecurity.org.

The graphical user interface above shows two MI-24s and one OH-58X as targets, with the OH-58X selected as the target of interest and shown in red. By adjusting the HEADING and ELEV sliders on the control panel, you can move the LOS of the Manpad up/down left/right, etc. A mouse or trackball interface can provide these steering inputs to the system.

The "HMD" indicator (the green + and circle at the top of the main panel) shows the elevation of the selected target (the circle) relative to the launcher line-of-sight (the +). If the selected target is outside the field of regard of the HMD display, the circle symbol will change to a pointing arrow indicating where the target is located. If the selected target is outside the field of regard of the missile, an X will be drawn over the circle/arrow symbol. This same HMD interface can be used as a plug-in to a visual scene channel to provide a real-world picture of the operator's view.

The Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) is shown as a white compass rose with a blue inner circle. The HSI updates to indicate the current launcher pointing angle, which is always at the top of the compass rose. The blue circle shows the max effective range of the missile relative to the arrow at the center of the circle. The selected target is shown in red. If a target is beyond the max range, it will be shown in yellow, and can never become the selected target.

The Scope indicator (blue circle on lower right of GPI) shows similar information to the HMD. The center of the circle is the centerline of the MANPAD's line-of-sight. Targets are displayed in azimuth/elevation relative to the center point. The selected target is red and other targets are yellow. The selected target turns yellow if it moves outside the field of regard.