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Mockingbird® UAS/RPA Simulator

The Mockingbird® suite is ZedaSoft's industry solution for reconfigurable, open-architecture UAS/RPA simulation. Mockingbird can be configured to simulate various UAS/RPA Ground Control Stations using simple mouse clicks, and include Pilot and Sensor Operator interfaces.

Key Features:

  • Reconfigurable aircraft performance
  • Reconfigurable sensor suite
  • Reconfigurable weapons payload
  • Simple Autopilot and Route Management interfaces
  • Compatible with DIS and ZedaSoft's MiLToC®
  • Portable with shipping case
  • Setup/Teardown in 15 minutes
  • On casters for easy relocation
  • One person operation
  • COTS equipment
  • Can be extended to four screens
  • Multiple units can be connected for single vehicle operation


  • Simulated Radio/Communications

ZedaSoft's Mockingbird UAS/RPA Simulator consists of a simulated ground control operator's station, and reconfigurable simulated UAS/RPA platforms. The operator's station provides generic RPA/UAS piloting and sensor operation interfaces. The simulation supports a wide variety of UAS/RPA types from hand-launched to full-scale autonomous systems.

Operator Station

The console system takes advantage of ZedaSoft's patented CBA® for Simulation software, a stable, modular simulation platform in which various RPA/UAV flight characteristics and sensor packages are loaded to provide flexible training scenarios.

The simulated UAS/RPA platforms can be configured with any combination of payload elements, including 1080p EO/IR sensors, and simulator Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imaging.

SAR imagery

The ground control station allows for both manual pilot control and autonomous flight enabling a wide range of mission profiles and sensor operator training scenarios. It also includes easy-to-use scenario-building features, which allow users to quickly design and implement training situations and sensor data collection profiles, along with weapons implementation. 

Sensor simulation

Mockingbird enhances UAS/RPA operator training, and provides an inexpensive alternative to securing real-world flyable assets on short notice.