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Reconfigurable Desktop System (RDS)

The Reconfigurable Desktop System (RDS) is a modular desktop system that is designed to fit small rooms or large training facilities. The RDS allows trainers to train multiple pilots with different entities at once and use command and control options as well as MiLToC® (Man-in-the-Loop Transfer of Control).

RDS Uses:


  • Portable/deployable - setup or pack in less than an hour
  • Reconfigurable- Fits in standard size room; Build as your needs grow; Touchscreen interface can show any vehicle/entity and can switch entities within seconds
  • Large LCDs - Touchscreen show instruments in actual size with simple interface
  • High Resolution - 30" displays at 2560x1600 shows incredible details
  • Large Field-of-Views - Multiple display configurations provide immersive display areas
  • COTS Equipment - Computers, displays and HOTAS are all commercially available

RDS Configurations

  • Basic System
  • 2x30" LCDs; 1 Touchscreen
  • Thrustmaster A10 HOTAS
  • Single case + rack for shipping
  • Basic System + 2x30" LCDS
  • Single case + rack for shipping
  • Larger FOV (105 HFOVx +15/-30 VFOV)