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Role-Player Simulations

ZedaSoft has developed role-player versions of various non-U.S. aircraft at the request of our business development customers. These lower-fidelity entities provide business development customers and network-centric laboratories with simple role player aircraft to portray how certain weapons system changes and upgrades may affect the marketed capabilities of the aircraft.

Sukhoi Su-30

Su-30 business development version of a Su-30 cockpit is effective in portraying cockpit solutions for foreign nations. Avionics is based on public documentation and basic avionics knowledge. Su-30 typical weapons are also included as part of the tactical simulation.

Su-30 virtual cockpit


The MiG-29 role-player virtual cockpit was developed to provide laboratories with the capability to portray red-air opposing forces (OPFOR) using an unclassified configuration. The MiG-29 cockpit instrumentation was replicated from public photos and interfaced with standard avionics models to represent the general capabilities of this generation fighter aircraft. The controls and instrumentation are modeled after familiar western systems to allow ease of use by western-trained pilots. The simulation includes: simple aircraft model representing the general thrust and weight characteristics, correct cockpit gauge placement and articulation, parameter-driven radar model and air-to-air weapons deployment.

MiG-29 virtual cockpit


The SEPECAT Jaguar aircraft was developed for our business development customers who require a 3rd generation aircraft system that can be used to demonstrate how new network-centric avionics systems can be incorporated into a legacy platform to extend aircraft life and improve weapon system lethality.

Jaguar virtual cockpit