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The Boeing Company - Integrated Defense Systems

ZedaSoft delivered three flight simulator stations to Boeing IDS to simulate blue and red aggressor force fighters in the 737 AEW&C Mission Analysis Center (MAC). These simulators are part of the distributed mission operations (DMO) virtual battlespace network, which also includes the 737 AEW&C aircraft simulator, and constructive land, sea and air entities generated by PLEXSYS Interface Products Inc.® ASCOT. The installed simulators include F-16 and F-18 style cockpits and a Portable Simulator Desktop (PSD). Each simulator can portray either F-16 or MiG-29 aircraft capabilities interacting with the virtual battlespace. The simulators use either a single-channel or three-channel out-the-window visual scene system driven by MetaVRTM VRSGTM 5 image generation software running on low-profile 1U computer systems. The cockpits also utilize PLEXSYS PLEXComm® software and a T3 communication system providing network-based radio communications activated by integrated HOTAS push-to-talk functionality.

The simulator systems are based on ZedaSoft's Container-Based Architecture, CBA® for Simulation, which is a patented object-sharing Java-based simulation framework. "Java has brought an unprecedented level of stability and flexibility to our simulation systems, and also allows us to easily integrate various aircraft virtual cockpits within the same simulation instance", said G.W. Estep, president of ZedaSoft.

Boeing's Mission Analysis Center (MAC) in Kent, WA supports the 737 Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) program for Australia, Turkey and the Republic of Korea.

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