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Elbit Systems of America

Elbit Systems of America approached ZedaSoft to assist in the development of a Reconfigurable Systems Integration Laboratory (RSIL) that would be used to test and prototype new avionics hardware solutions for their customers.

The initial implementation supported the testing of a mission processor and display hardware set for the Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH) program. The integration tasks included developing a 1553 MUX bus interface between the simulation host computer running CBA® and the ESA hardware in the loop being tested. An extension to the CBA for Simulation recording and playback software will also be used in the ESA test suite to aid in testing and documentation of the avionics system's quality and performance.

ZedaSoft provided a four-channel out-the-window stand and visual. The top display serves as a Mission Overview (MOV) being driven by ZedaSoft's Map Server

ZedaSoft integrated a four-channel MetaVRTM "Out-the-Window" visual scene system, which includes simulated IR and radar capabilities. The radar simulation includes both Ground Map and SAR video to demonstrate the advantages of ESA's onboard electronics hardware for fighter and helicopter aircraft systems. The addition of a visual scene system to the RSIL provides a means to test the hardware in a more realistic tactical scenario and give early indications of the system's cockpit requirements.

ARH virtual cockpit