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Environmental Tectonics Corporation

Environmental Tectonics Corporation (ETC) requested that ZedaSoft provide an Advanced Fighter Cockpit (AFC) simulation to be used for one of their advanced centrifuge simulators for the U.S. Air Force. The advanced fighter cockpit is based on concepts developed by the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program, and demonstrates the integrated capabilities of this generation of aircraft.

ZedaSoft developed the cockpit software using its patented CBA® for Simulation framework combined with public released information about advanced fighter cockpits and 5th-generation aircraft. The AFC software was developed to provide the unique graphics formats and touch screen interface to a Panoramic Color Display (PCD) as well as driving the graphics for the Standby Flight Instrument. The AFC software and CBA for Simulation framework software were delivered to ETC for integration into their simulator hardware.

ZedaSoft independently developed an advanced marketing demonstrator for IITSEC 2007, which included this AFC software as well as other components to demonstrate ZedaSoft’s engineering integration capabilities. A low-cost Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) system is simulated using the NaturalPoint® TrackIRTM system, with graphics embedded in the out-the-window visual scene system. An Adacel eSRS voice recognition system is integrated into the cockpit sound system to provide the same cockpit voice recognition and response system capabilities as in actual advanced fighter aircraft. The cockpit hardware is provided by Driven Technologies, Inc. of Santa Ana, CA, and includes the cockpit shell, Panoramic Color Display (PCD) and the Standby Flight Instrument. WittensteinTM stick and throttle grips were integrated into the cockpit. The visual scene system used the MetaVRTM Virtual Reality Scene GeneratorTM (VRSGTM) software to render the out-the-window visual scene as well as produce the correlated IR and SAR map imagery. The out-the-window scene is displayed on three 42" Toshiba LCD monitors running 1080p resolution mounted on a 120 degree horizontal field-of-view portable structure designed by a ZedaSoft.

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