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Federal Aviation Administration - Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI)

The objective of this project was to rehost the existing simulation models from Silicon Graphics IRIX-based systems to Linux running on COTS PC server hardware. The simulator system was rehosted to ZedaSoft's CBA® for Simulation, which is a patented, object-oriented simulation framework based on Sun/Oracle's Java development platform.

This rehost provides an effective bridge to a modern Java-based architecture that can more easily support new research initiatives such as the Very Light Jet (VLJ) aircraft instrumentation. The software was integrated into the existing Piper Malibu cockpit, while providing new cockpit and EOS display hardware built on an architecture that allows future aircraft-to-aircraft networking and role playing.

Piper Malibu cockpit with MetaVRTM 3 channel out-the-window visual

A new MetaVR VRSGTM 5 satellite imagery based out-the-window visual scene system was integrated to replace the original PerformerTM-based system. New weather and lighting systems have been modeled in addition to the core airport modeling and instrumentation.