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Custom Services

ZedaSoft provides software development and systems integration of advanced simulation and visualization systems. We specialize in laboratory hardware integration and man-in-the-loop marketing simulations. ZedaSoft is uniquely qualified to develop these highly complex and mission critical simulation systems in a cost effective manner. We use our CBA® for Simulation framework software as an integration middleware platform which provides the centralized simulation execution environment and network connectivity to assemble the vehicle model, instrumentation, audio and visual systems together as a cohesive simulation. Our engineers can provide consulting on this subject matter.

  • DIS simulation network consulting
  • Software development consulting in Java, C++, C, FORTRAN and Ada
  • Coordinate system transformation consulting
  • Visual scene and sensor image generation integration
  • HMD and head tracker integration including Intersense and TrackIRTM
  • Simulator radio integration including ASTiTM and Plexcomm®
  • Grip/Controller integration from WittensteinTM, MSITM, Stirling, Aerotronics and Bugeye